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Bam Laser Body On The Go’ Karima Muhammed On What’s Next For The Activewear Empire

In a world where a lot is expected of women, Bam Laser is committed to meeting the dire need for a good appearance without compromising comfort. Bam Laser as an activewear line for women has simple collections of products with a touch of class and elegance. They are uniquely designed, able to support you when you’re on a run track, or just taking a walk about town, with a quality reserve of confidence. The brand is committed to designing top-notch athleisure products just for you.

Karima Muhammad reveals that Bam laser has different products tailored for different purposes to serve women of all body sizes without compromise. Below are the descriptions of a few products amongst numerous others.


Waist trainers are vests after the similitude of corsets. This helps to reduce the waistline and assist people, especially ladies to arrive at an hourglass figure. Waist trainers usually feature a combination of strong fabric and tough yet comfy textures. It also has stable Hooks, Velcro, Lacing, and other durable fasteners to keep the trainer firmly in position. Am sure you are much disturbed about the excessive fats and drooping skins that are slowly coming to be noticeable around your hip and waist. Then you must have been thinking of where you could get the best remedy.

One of the promising waist trainers as inferred by Karima Muhammad, that is generating great outcomes nowadays is the Bam Waist Trainer. According to Karima Muhammad, below are the different types.

Bam Waist Trainer Triple Strap:  Bam Waist Trainer Triple Strap which wraps the whole area of the Back and Torso has 3 Adjustable Straps That accommodate All Areas of Your Waist Upper, Middle, And Bottom Tummy.  It is appreciably effective and long-lasting, designed with the consideration of keeping every area of the body it covers rightly in its place.

Bam Waist Trainer Triple Strap Vest: Bam Waist Trainer Triple Strap Vest which wraps perfectly the Back and Torso features 3 Adjustable Straps That holds Areas of Your Waist Upper, Middle, And Bottom Tummy. Karima Muhammad believes there is no harm in Saying No to More Gaps.

The bottom tummy fitter is the reason for the oversized aesthetic of this product, making it tight for all women regardless of their work engagements. 

It goes beyond just using fancy and sleek looking waist trainers. There are benefits attached to Its use as outlined below.


  1. It gives you a Sleek look

Waist trainers provide a slimming effect around the waist. Using Bam Waist Trainers provide a quick remedy for women who have a curvy figure. Do you want to trim your hips slightly or want that belly fat to be obscure to fit on a fabulous outfit? Then Bam waist trainers can afford the best remedy. This Waist trainer will make you appear sleeker, elegant and fitter in any outfit you choose to appear on.

  1. It provides admirable contouring

Bam Waist Trainer is one of the less complex yet a confident way of building desirable body contours. Most shapewear is made with a hidden thread. You can use this body shaper under any type of outfit since they are always consistent and impalpable irrespective of whether you wear body-clinging garments.

  1. It gives you a balanced Posture 

Bam Waist Trainer can amend or enhance your posture to an extent that you always emerge smart while sitting, standing, or walking. 

  1. It reduces Pains

From the benefits mentioned above, it also apt to infer that Bam Waist Trainer can minimize pain. Because some of the pain in your back is mostly a result of bad posture. Using this waist trainer relieves such pains. Upon continual usage is also feasible to rehabilitate abdominal muscles.

  1. It Increases Your Morale

A crucial social advantage of using Bam Waist Trainer is that it supplies a considerable voltage of morale while making you look exquisite in any garment. It hides bumps and fats in your hips and waist giving you a look that suggests thinner and slimmer in your dress. 

  1. It speeds up Weight Loss 

Bam Waist Trainer can assist you in the journey of weight loss. The psychology behind this is that you are inclined to get more encouraged to fulfill your body goals if you pursue a weight loss scheme while on your waist trainer.


Bam Sweat Belt & Thigh Slimmers:  This product is accompanied by an Adjustable Thigh Slimmer Straps, and a detachable Waist Band Stretch Belt, which aids the massage of your Thighs & Waist with extreme Sauna Hearting Sweat Pads. It’s also suitable for workouts. It’s specifically designed for training the waist with an aesthetic waistband stretch belt. It also serves the need for a sharp contour and smooth appearance; the Thighs and Waist design provide secure coverage. 

Benefit and Features:

  • It provides a great deal of comfort for both working put and normal daily routines.
  • Machine WASH & Dryer are not allowed
  • It is cleaned through hand washing

Bam Half Waist Band Thigh Slimmers: Bam half Waist Band Thigh Slimmers / Butt Lifter is designed to assist in diminishing the size and look of your thighs and lift your Butt! We have boosted them with a strap around your waistline for great assistance while you jog, run or exercise! You can wear our new Thigh – Waist Slimmer / Butt Lifter combo while exercising, doing some chores, taking a nap, or lounging at home. The heat retention functionality helps tone and firm your thighs. The Thigh Slimmer is cozy, adaptable, elastic, fluffy, and lightweight. Thigh Slimmer can be used together with our Bam Waist Trainer.

Bam Thigh Slimmers: This product affords you the absolute right to get rid of adamant inner and outer thigh fat, features also uniquely crafted compression wraps that take care of those annoying fat with ease. Bam Thigh Slimmers boosts and increases heat and sweating while working out. It features adjustable straps; one size fits for all.

Bam Waist Trainer Double Strap Vest:

This product wraps up the entire Back and Torso and has Two Adjustable Straps That covers Both the Bottom and Upper Tummy. Its bonus features include:

  • Reduces the appearance of thighs
  • Help remove surplus water weight
  • Effortlessly constricts muscle
  • Elastic, Soft, Lightweight, and Unisex

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