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Meet one of the UK’s youngest Entrepreneurs

Teenagers, nowadays, are growing up more and more with a social media influence in their life. People have transitioned from traditional methods of earning a living and now they are growing on social media and building an online business.

Lewis Barry is a 15 year old social media business owner. He has helped many people gain financial freedom and has helped others work towards their goals on Instagram. He runs Instagram pages in various niches from which he earns a monthly income.

He guides people to improve their online presence and helps them to develop their professional life. He has worked with people all over the world.

Lewis didn’t want to tread the same path of life as many people do. He was a misfit; someone who wanted to travel and make a lot more money than he could from a conventional job. He gained a lot of popularity at a young age simply through working hard and working smart.

Lewis spent over 8 months working on a service that he could provide for the people who follow his Instagram page; a service that will help them achieve their goals in the same way he has.

He said “I have achieved a whole ton at a young age but this is only the start of my life and I have a long way to go”. He says his biggest achievement was gaining more time to enjoy this world and building money producing assets in a short period of time.

He wants to improve the lives of others and help other people see the lifestyle of the top 10%.

Follow Lewis’s Instagram page – https://instagram.com/vividhustler?igshid=clqlk0jb2xhp

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