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Google has stopped selling the Smart home speaker, but is already preparing a replacement

Google recently stopped selling the Google Home smart speaker on its site without giving a reason. According to some findings, it will now probably be replaced by a new model. However, it will already bear the Nest brand, which also belongs to the company.

It was quite a surprising move when Google stopped selling the Google Home smart speaker from its store a few weeks ago . Now the customer can only buy accessories for this device, such as different colored bases.

However, the 9to5Google server has now discovered that it is going to be the successor to this device, which was the first smart speaker from Google in 2016 . According to this server, the novelty bears the working designation Prince and is to be released under the Nest brand, which Google bought in 2014 .

The novelty will come with a better sound, which will be closer to the larger Home Max, and also the design will be adapted more to the Nest brand.

It’s a fairly logical step, even though Google Home hasn’t changed much since its launch, and people bought more of the smaller Google Home Mini, which appeared a year later .

In fact, Google is just repeating its approach to Home Mini. It also did not see a hardware upgrade, but the Nest Mini 2 was launched instead, which could be considered its successor.

The difference is that the original Home Mini is still available from Google, while the larger Home is no longer sold by the company.

Home Max remains the last smart speaker from Google that will not have its younger sibling with the Nest brand.


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