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The latest breakthrough of soft capsules! Erkang “N-VGEL” and “V-Chew” received attention at Thailand’s Health Trendsetter 2023

The HEALTH Trendsetter 2023 Summit was held on February 16, 2023 at the Eastin Grand Hotel in Thailand. Many dietary supplement companies from Southeast Asia, like Halamix, JSP, NEXTECH, gathered to discuss trends and new technologies of health and nutrition product. Erkang chewable plant-based soft capsules, “N-VEGL & V-CHEW” appeared and attracts a lot attention from the market.


V-Chew——New innovation of chewable plant-based soft capsules


In the summit, Halamix soft capsules R&D expert Mr. Martin Pefchnu gave a theme sharing on soft capsules R&D innovation.

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Halamix soft capsules R&D expert Mr. Martin shares


Manufacturers used to use animal-derived gelatin to make capsules, but with the exponential growth in demand for vegan, clean label and so on, the last three years has seen a surge in interest in plant-based soft capsules. The global softgel market is expected to reach $316 billion by 2025. And, there is an urgent need to introduce new technologies in plant-based softgels if brand owners want to leverage softgels to grow the trend in a fast-growing market. He believes that N-VGEL and V-Chew are the best choice of innovative technology for chewable plant-based softgels today.



Summit Highlights


It is reported that the N-VGEL and V-Chew vegetable soft capsules starch technologies comes from Erkang Pharmaceutical, a Chinese listed pharmaceutical company.


Erkang Pharmaceutical is a global pioneer in plant-based starches. Through close collaboration with domestic and international experts, Erkang has invested approximately $150 million in R&D and nearly $450 million in industrialization to develop StarchGel®, a starch for vegetable softgels.


As demand for “taste“, “color and shape”, and “portability and easy to swallow” growing, Erkang further developed “N-VGEL”and “V-Chew” (vegetable starch for chewable soft capsuless). And now they has close cooperation with manufacturers in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries.

(In summit, diversified dietary supplements and foods made with N-VGEL and V-Chew)


In contrast to traditional gelatin capsules, N-VGEL and V-Chew are of vegetable origin, heat-resistant and stable in quality. Compared to Erkang‘s first generation vegetable gelatin starch, N-VGEL and V-Chew can be customized with a variety of color shapes, gelatin flavors, and brilliant taste. Also, it is possible to use the manufacturer’s existing starch gum machines and facilities directly .


Established in 2004, Halamix Thailand is a supplier of nutritional ingredients, with gelatin as the main product. Through the in-depth understanding with Erkang, they highly recognized the quality of Erkang‘s plant gelatin products. At the summit, the head of Halamix said, “N-VGEL and V-Chew, chewable plant-based soft capsules can help soft capsules product manufacturers improve their products to the new level.”



Collaboration with multiple manufacturers around the world proves that Erkang N-VGEL and V-Chew may now be the best choice for soft capsuless that meet clean label, non-GMO, vegan and flavor needs.


Link: https://youtu.be/dt9BW51MZtE

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