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Meta’s first smartwatch patent exposed, with multiple lenses for AR and VR applications

California, US, 23rd Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Since last year, there have been multiple sources pointing out that Meta (Facebook) will launch its first smartwatch, and the latest patent disclosed by foreign media LetsGoDigital recently shows that this smartwatch under development has a rotatable and detachable display. Also comes with three lenses for AR and VR use. The device, which is expected to launch this summer, may support features such as direct sharing of Facebook and Instagram feeds, The Verge reported last year.

Recently, foreign media LetsGoDigital has disclosed more information about the Meta (Facebook) smartwatch. From the description of a patent document disclosed this time, it can be seen that this smartwatch will be completely different from the smartwatches we have known in the past, with a detachable display and multiple lenses.

According to foreign media reports, then Facebook (now Meta) applied to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) on June 24, 2021 for a patent for a detachable lens module for wearable devices. The 49-page document was published in January this year. It was approved and made public on the 13th. The patent document describes that users can wear the smartwatch on the wrist, and also describes that the two display shapes are square or circular, but the functions are basically the same.

The Meta smartwatch is designed with a detachable screen, which includes multiple cameras, which can be used with different functions through the screen. Such as the use of a camera lens to assist in taking pictures, video recording or possibly also for video use. It may also be used for AR, VR and other purposes by replacing displays with different functions.

The screen is magnetically mounted and fixed, and the circular version of the display can support the function of rotating magnets, and users can easily select different camera lenses by rotating the screen. Set at 12 o’clock with the camera lens to be used, other cameras cannot be used at this time.

And of course these cameras can be used to take photos and videos and share them on social media like Facebook and Instagram. The camera is also expected to provide a solution for making video calls. However, Meta may have bigger plans to use multiple lenses to create more possibilities in fields such as AR, VR and MR. In addition to the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses that cooperated with Ray-Ban last year, as well as its own smart watch this time, it may be possible to see new products such as headphones and AR glasses in the future.

Looking back at a Bloomberg report quoted by foreign media 9to5Mac in October last year, a photo of a Facebook smartwatch with a front-facing camera in 8 County, the Facebook View app that manages Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, also sparked a lot of discussion at the time.


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